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Residential and Commercial Landscaping Corpus Christi, TX

The image and curb appeal of your residence or business property is of utmost importance. Seeing that the condition of your landscaping establishes resonance for your home and creates a first impression to family, friends, vendors, customers and any others whom visit. Combining our landscaping professionals’ know how in landscape design with the knowledge and our detail-oriented landscape construction crews, your yard and landscape will be designed, constructed and completed to your complete satisfaction. Whether you desire a living area that is lively and fun, an aesthetically pleasing landscape throughout your retail establishment, or something in-between, our professional designers in Corpus Christi can take your desires and turn them into reality. Our hard working, yet courteous Corpus Christi, TX landscaping professionals provide excellent work quality for your landscape design and construction project. To schedule your next Corpus Christi, TX landscaping project, get an estimate or call us today at (361) 317-7558.

Landscaping in Corpus Christi

Professional Landscaping Corpus Christi, TX

A beautiful landscape provides many substantial strong points. Not only is an immaculate landscape visually appealing and boosts curb appeal, but it can expand the value to your property while simultaneously creates an area to relax and enjoy the seasons without leaving the comfort of your home. As Corpus Christi landscaping professionals, our teams have constructed the yards and landscapes of many homes and commercial properties throughout the area.

What stands out about our landscaping professionals is a focus on the desires and needs of the customer, combined with our talented landscape designers in Corpus Christi, TX to create your dream yard or functional landscape. From the initial layout, to the construction of your hardscape project such as a retaining wall or paver walkway, to the trees and shrubs installed, and ground covering material such as decorative rock or wood chips. Your landscaping project is comprehensively planned out and executed upon to industry standards to ensure it serves you for years to come.

Corpus Christi, TX Landscape Design and Build Process

  • Meeting and Taking Measurements - Our landscape professional meets with you at your property to discuss your project to gather preliminary information such as site measurements for the proposed project areas, assist with the proposed lay out of the future project and more.

  • Planning - Once the budget has been finalized, we focus on the details of your Corpus Christi, TX landscaping project. This includes refining the layout as needed, choosing plant/tree materials, selecting hardscape styles and types, and analyzing the current landscape (if it presently exists) to assess any landscape removal or renovation needs.
  • Design and Budget - After acquiring all the site measurements, our professional landscaping team puts together the numbers, taking into account special requests and needs to produce a landscape design along with a price quote (may vary depending on the scope of your project). The design will showcase the elements of your new landscape. The price of a design can also vary depending on the scope of the project.
Landscape Design in Corpus Christi TX
  • Contract and Schedule - The next step is to sign project agreements and place your project onto the landscape construction schedule.
  • Construction Phase - The landscape build process begins. This is always an exciting time for Corpus Christi landscaping professionals and clients alike because the transformation of your property begins! Many projects are completed in just a few days, but larger and more complex projects may take multiple weeks to complete, depending on the project size and scope of work involved and weather conditions.
  • Completion and Walk Through - At project completion, our landscape professional will take you on a tour of your new landscape, providing information for the necessary care of your landscape elements such as the pavers, wall block as well as watering for new sod, plants and trees.

Please note – this process/schedule is a broad overview of most typical landscape design and installation projects in Corpus Christi, TX and surrounding areas. Due to the individuality of every property and uniqueness of each project, this process may differ from your project, to learn more or to schedule your next landscaping project in Corpus Christi, give us a call at (361) 317-7558 or request a quote online and our professionals will be in touch shortly. We also offer tree services to residents and businesses throughout Corpus Christi and surrounding areas.

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