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What Our Corpus Christi Tree Service is Known For

Our professional tree arborists are well-known throughout Corpus Christi for providing affordable, professional and amazing tree services. Our reputation speaks for itself and over the years our customer have had no problems letting us know how much they appreciate us.

25% Cheaper than Competition

Our high volume of service calls in Nueces County and flexibility in surrounding areas allows us to price 25% lower than competitors.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We’re not only intent on becoming the #1 tree, stump and land clearing company in Corpus Christi, but we strive for 100% customer satisfaction on all calls.

Fastest Response Times

Even during emergencies we’re ready 24/7. We have the ability to mobilize certified arborists any time, any day. Our emergency tree services are no joke!


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Green Tree Service – Corpus Christi is a renowned tree service company in Corpus Christi, Texas. We spent more than 20 years building a team of highly trained professionals who are well equipped with the right knowledge, ability and skills required to carry out the job. Our arborists are ISA certified and are the best for maintenance and health of the trees.

We have spent a considerable amount of time in researching what our customers really want. We try our best to satisfy the customer needs to the fullest. Many customers don’t know beyond making their yard look better or getting a tree removed. We have taken it upon ourselves to tell them of the why’s and why not’s. We offer services for every type of tree, shrub and stump including:

Our services come with free consultation which has a no-obligation quote by our certified arborists. We don’t support sales through a sales person as we value your peace.

We have become the best tree care company in Corpus Christi. Our service is also available in the surrounding areas listed below:

  • Tree Service Portland, TX
  • Tree Service Gregory, TX
  • Tree Service Edroy, TX
  • Tree Service Ingleside, TX
  • Tree Service Taft, TX
  • Tree Service Robstown, TX
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  • Tree Service Port Aransas, TX
  • Tree Service Bishop, TX
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  • Tree Service Driscoll, TX
  • Tree Service Aransas Pass, TX
  • Tree Service Banquete, TX
  • Tree Service Agua Dulce, TX
  • Tree Service Bayside, TX
  • Tree Service Rockport, TX
  • Tree Service Ricardo, TX
  • Tree Service Kingsville, TX
  • Tree Service Sandia, TX
  • Tree Service Mathis, TX
  • Tree Service Woodsboro, TX
  • Tree Service Fulton, TX
  • Tree Service Tynan, TX
  • Tree Service Skidmore, TX
  • Tree Service Riviera, TX
  • Tree Service Alice, TX

Green Tree Service – Corpus Christi Provides 24/7 Emergency Tree Service

We are available for emergency and standard service 24 hours a day. Since we operate on a large scale, we have certified arborists on standby to attend to your queries and always be available.

To combat unfortunate events pertaining to tree emergency, we are available 24 hours a day, all year round. Our high trained arborists are available at your service in the hour of need. We treat your emergency like our own. Our services are available 24/7 to deal with storm damages and hazardous tress which are unstable and can cause damage to the environment.

Since we have large scale resources, it is easier for us to put together a well-equipped team to reach the client’s address in no time. In case of emergency, we closely inspect the situation at hand and recommend the best possible solution which is safe and affordable for the customer. Once we are done dealing with the emergency, our team will also be responsible for the cleanup and removal process.

It is always a wise decision to have your property inspected by Corpus Christi Tree Arborists even if there seem to be no immediate risk or danger. Our team can help you get rid of potential problems.

Call Green Tree Service – Corpus Christi for All Your Tree Service Needs Today

We are the best at trimming trees in Corpus Christi. We have been offering these services for a long time. We have expanded to other region throughout Texas.

If case you are looking to improve your landscape, trimming is essential. We trim hedges, shrub or tree, according to the look you want.

24 Hour Tree Services in Corpus Christi, TX

We take pride in being available for assistance all year round, even in holiday season. We provide both emergency and standard services throughout the year. Our standby arborists will come for assistance at a time of your choosing to discuss your needs and requirements. We offer free professional opinion.

Our tea services in Corpus Christi are listed below:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree care and tree health
  • Stump grinding
  • Stump removal
  • Bush pruning
  • Land clearing

We also offer preventive care which includes preparing for hurricane and storm assessment. It is always best to take precautionary measures against unforeseen disasters such as hurricanes and storms. We will offer a free assessment after which you can tell us your requirements.

Tree Removal Corpus Christi, TX

At Corpus Tree services, we aim to make customers our first priority. If you are concerned for your safety or are in need of a tree removal service simply Google ‘Tree Service Near Me’ and you will find us.

We have the right set of skills, ability and knowledge required to remove unwanted and hazardous trees. The removal is carried out by certified arborists who are well-equipped with the experience. Our prices are quite affordable as compared to our competitors, but similar to our friends providing a high-quality tree service in Greensboro NC.

Safety is of immense importance to us. We take pride in removing unwanted trees and stumps from your houses. Your safety along without workers safety is ensured while we do our job. You can have trees removed on urgent basis or schedule for us to come at your convenience.

Simple give us a call or find us on Google.

Tree Care and Tree Health Corpus Christi, TX

Trees tend to have the same problems as any other living being such as stunts or deters in life span. Conducting routine tree care and health inspection will leave them looking beautiful.

Our tree care service offers a survey conducted by an arborist who will determine the health issues which might include:

  • Storm damage
  • Natural elements
  • Disease
  • Insecticides
  • Animals
  • Other trees

Stump Grinding Corpus Christi, TX

Our stump grinding service removes unwanted trees trumps. We use heavy-duty stump grinders for getting rid of stumps of all shapes and sizes. Our arborists are well-equipped for this dangerous process.

We give full guarantee for removing stumps to reduce any risks and hazards associated with exposed stumps. Grinding also eliminates the risk of animals and insects like bees, snakes and ants nesting into the house. Stump grinding is both effective and efficient.

Stump Removal Corpus Christi, TX

We can easily be found on Google by simply searching ‘Stump Removal Near Me’. We have built ourselves to be the most trusted and reliable company in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Stump removal is quite dangerous. We make sure all our arborists are equipped with the necessary equipment to perform the job.

People want their stumps removed due to the hazard they pose, the space they occupy and the eye sores they cause. Many people make the mistake of having the tree removed without the stump only because it is cheaper. They later change their mind.

If you’re in need of our stump removal services in or around Corpus Christi, call us!

Land Clearing Corpus Christi, TX

We remove trees, bushes and stumps to clear the land. Many people and business opt for clearing the land for agriculture, environment and residential development.

Our land clearing services are available for both; commercial and residential areas. Our professional staff enables us to scale and meet your requirements around Corpus Christi.

If you need land clearing simple give us a call.

If You Need Tree Services in Corpus Christi, Texas Call Us for a Complimentary Consultation

We have built our name across Corpus Christi, Texas. We are dedicated in providing honest services. Our team has the relevant experience required to perform the job. We are the perfect consideration for tree, shrub, stump and landscape maintenance.

A simple call will schedule an appointment with our certified arborists. We will reach you whenever it is convenient for you. We provide you with transparent and no-obligation consultation.

Cities in and around Texas We Serve

Below is a list of cities we serve, but not limited to:

Portland, Gregory, Edroy, Ingleside, Taft, Robstown, Odem, Port Aransas, Bishop, Sinton, Driscoll, Aransas Pass, Banquete, Agua Dulce, Bayside, Rockport, Ricardo, Kingsville, Sandia, Mathis, Woodsboro, Fulton, Tynan, Skidmore, Riviera, Alice

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